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Introducing ODTUM.network


We would like to introduce you METU's new alumni/METUan network portal, ODTÜM, which will allow all graduates, academic and administrative staff from all campuses of METU to gather together on a single platform. This portal will provide you with professional networking, mentoring, internships, jobs and career opportunities. You will also be able to sort the graduates of your class and department, and get in touch with them. You may think of it as a METU version of LinkedIn.

However, please note that ODTÜM will not take the place of METU NCC Alumni Information System (AIS) and AIS will remain operational. You need to use ODTÜM for networking with METUans, and AIS for keeping your alumni information current on METU servers.

Please check the ODTÜM main page for more information or Register by E-mail page to register to ODTÜM Network.